Only thing I have trouble with is to get gksu working, i. Bus Device I assume all these capabilities are also present on the other devices you can find the? The below screenshots are self explanatory to enroll the fingerprint. Download the libfprint from here. You may have to restart not necessary really, but still.

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I googled a couple days but i cant find upek linux information about this device. No such file or directory Any recommendation you care to provide is much appreciated.

Hi macuva, ensure that you have replaced password authentication with fingerprint in the following steps. It should upek linux a fingerprint animation asking you to swipe your finger to test it against the stored one.

UPEK Eikon

I tried to compile 1. So, these devices DO support identification somehow.

FingerprintAuthentication last edited I know that there are lots of upek linux out there with this chip; llnux upek linux my single biggest minor worry when I was looking at ThinkPads several months ago. If you choose to store on the device, it informs you that you can store 21 fingerprints there.

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As for it not working, you need to be using the latest git sources, not any released version.

Not sure that I understand your confusion, since upek linux of those are correct. It is still experimental, so it is not too reliable, but something started.

How to get Fingerprint reader working in Fedora Linux (Upek 147e:1000 in this case)

I did everything to start using fingerprint reader. Can you please be specific on where did you downloaded limux steps you followed. Timo’s work was an adaption of Pavel Machek’s upek linux engineering efforts. I get the following error when i run the install.

dsd’s weblog » Blog Archive » UPEK TouchStrip Sensor-only (e) on Linux

We have already supported another variant including a biometric co-processor for some time now, but in the absence of the co-processor, the liux variant required a completely different driver. My reader of fingerprints is equal with the only difference of upek linux UPEK e: Though it is not considered as linus security system for a upek linux login, still some specific applications utilize this feature for identification and authentication.

Also, it seems easier than bioapi. Now we have successfully saved fingerprint a desktop user. Upek linux, there are still a lot of unknowns.


I upek linux this uepk become a future project: System76 have created an installation guide which may be useful for keen users. Bus Device Please compile or use the tarball with precompiled binaries for your architecture.

FingerprintAuthentication – Ubuntu Wiki

This page has been accessedtimes. GDM login does not show fingerprint swipe dialog. It is known, that finger print readers can be easily tricked, with faked finger prints, that upek linux taken from surfaces. Thanks to this project upek linux fingerprint reader works now. Anyway compiling and installing passed, but still no device detected… e: Lonux Support Community Ubuntu.

ulek I run a Ubuntu 9. However, at various points, the Windows driver asked me to “scan any finger” and it accepted any of them. This entry was posted on Upek linux, July 9th, at