That along with ample memory should make this an excellent multimedia machine for encoding videos or music files. Show More Show Less. The entertainment test includes the video and gaming workloads, simulating a typical recreational use scenario. Please refine your selection. We also ran a bunch of programs all at once and they performed well thanks to the processor and 8GB of RAM.

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Toshiba Intel Core i7 3rd Gen. Personally, I found this design a bit problematic as moving over to a specific location on screen with one finger then clicking with another sometimes caused the multi-gesture trackpad to think I wanted toshiba p855 s5200 do some sort of gesture.

Toshiba advertises the Toshiba Satellite PS as an all-purpose entertainment notebook that gives consumers a little more power than the average The top is finished with a silver metallic aluminum type of finish, which feels fairly durable.

Skip to main content. Toshiba p855 s5200 may also like. Opening up the notebook, toshiba p855 s5200 can immediately see that the It offers multi-touch but the right and left buttons are integrated into the trackpad.

See what’s installed now. Despite the number pad pushing the letter keys to the left, the keyboard is spaced well and includes all the keys one would expect and in the right place.


Toshiba Satellite P855-S5200

The hinges feel sturdy. This laptop has all the plug-ins you’ll probably ever need.

Show More Show Less. SuperPi is a single threaded benchmarking tool which for our tkshiba simply calculates pi for us and records the time to calculate 32 million digits toshiba p855 s5200 the decimal point.

We would like to see a higher resolution on a The most recent 5.

The speakers are loud enough, but sound a bit muddled. Reddit Facebook Twitter LinkedIn.

Toshiba Satellite P855-S5200 Review

I toshiba p855 s5200 whenever I think of it, such a powerful processor paired with cheap components: About this product Product Information The Toshiba Satellite Toshiba p855 s5200 laptop comes pre-installed with Windows 7 Home Premium bit, making it an excellent choice for both casual and serious users.

It feels heavy despite the plastic body and materials used to make the machine. In multi-threaded apps, the iQM was really able to flex its Hyper Threading capabilities as it was able to nearly go toe to toe with our desktop Ivy Bridge i5 K testbench.

Hope this is helpful to anyone looking to buy one. Sign-up to Receive Daily Tech News!

Toshiba Satellite PS Review | Custom PC Review

The productivity test includes the web browsing and word processing workloads, simulating a typical work use scenario. Toshiba Satellite PS Presumably to save on costs and increase toshiba p855 s5200 capacity, Toshiba went with a GB RPM drive, which as you can see above is extremely, extremely slow.


WPrime is a multi-threaded benchmarking tool which for our purposes simply calculates pi for us and records the time to toshiba p855 s5200 32 million digits after the decimal point. For load power consumption numbers, both Prime95 and Furmark are run simultaneously for a minimum of 5 minutes before the final results are taken.

RAM & SSD Upgrades | Toshiba Satellite PS |

I primarily play computer games, run 3D solid modeling CAD software, web browse, video editing, etc. Please refine your selection. Should be enough for toshiba p855 s5200 typical web browsing, YouTube, etc. Compatible Memory sort toshiba p855 s5200 Stereo and Mic, 2 USB 3.

With a little calibration, I was able to achieve a contrast ratio of and approximately nits at the maximum brightness setting. In multi-threaded appliactions and benchmarks, it was almost able to catch up to the much higher TDP, desktop oriented Intel Core i5 K.