Well i think everybody should go out and buy this cause it is such a kewwwllll phone.. I was absolutely appauled with it’s behaviour but have decided that after last time I sent it backto Vodafone and tehy kept my spare battery that I shoudl wait and upgrade it-this is what I am in the process of doing now. The video quality is realy good. I’ve only had the phone for a couple of months and it won’t let me make or recieve calls, which is a pain. Reviewed by Alexander Baldal from Netherlands on 10th Jan No loudspeaker makes it just a cell phone like any other.

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If this phone did not have a camera feature, i would have kept my older phone! We’re here to help. How to enter a network unlock code in a Samsung E Entering the unlock code in a Samsung E is very simple.

Samsung SGH-E Specs – CNET

I’m kinda glad that they’ve decided to do away with dat stupid colour screen and replace with something that’s down to earth. I cant wait until I can get my free upgrade. The video is kewl and the service lyt flashing wen ur phone rings and stuff is just ace!!!! It takes ages to turn on, had to have a speaker repair a month ago and now the screen has got lines accross it.

Do not get thhis phone on Vodafone!

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It doesn’t have to be great. Well this phone is sold on the fact you can connect it to your computer and transfer photos numbers etc blah blah blah Reviewed by Mr E from Castleland on 3rd Dec This f710 is the best, whoever is dissing it can go home. It gets full at SMS according to what I see every day.

Samsung E710

There is no search result. Reviewed by des from N.

It likes 2 freeze up samsnug turn itself off and wen i turn it back on again, numbers hav bin deleted and text messages also. Reviewed by Michael from England on 12th Sep This phone is a wate of money.

Only problem is hitting the hang-up key instead of 3 when typing a text message as all the buttons are flat to each other and the message is gone forever: Oh and the video memory is rubbish, it lasts 4 about 10secs! This spec samsungg slightly odd to us, but that’s the way it is!

Reviewed by emma from england on 5th Jul the samsung e is not a very good fone mine is faulty the screen is poor the camera isnt that clear and video doesnt last very lng Rating: For new and existing orders: Start the Samsung E with an unaccepted simcard unaccepted means different than the one in which the device works 2.

Samsung E715 / E710 review

Could never get infrared to work with another phone. It breaks a WAY too easily. Tried to contact Samsung but no luck explaining the problems And it is forever jamming on the create message text page then it just turns itself off.

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Doesnt av radio or MP3. The worst thing about this phone is the menus. We will help you choose the right product for your phone. Can’t wait to upgrade to Motorola V3 or V!

Reviewed by kid kaos from england on 24th Oct its good ye, but like i dnt fink ders any point coz ders not much difference 7e10 it and de old e except for fings like video recordin, n das only like 25 secs, so i dun fink dey shld’ve made it, or jus put mor tings in u get me Rating: Though im now wondering weather mdae the right choice. Samsung Samssung is now network unlocked!!!

Reviewed by Jim Davidson from UK on 3rd Jan WOooooooo, this phone is sooooo good, I’m dead impressed wit it, got it 10 days ago now Xmas Day and it’s brilll, haven’t put it down yet lol!!!!! Less than 4 inches 4 – 5 inches More than 5 inches.