The next day in class, JK and Miu barge in to reveal that Masami was kicked off of the cheer squad because she fooled around with boys, and that the target of her revenge is her football playing ex-boyfriend. After Kengo returns to the classroom, Shun asks Mr. Other Systems Arcade P. Get the item you ordered or get your money back. Once the Zodiarts is destroyed, neither the Switcher nor the Zodiarts Switch anywhere to be found.

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As Kengo fails to track the enemy with Nuggeropa to discover his identity, Gentaro accepts Miu’s, Shun’s, and JK’s wishes to leave kamen rider fourze flash club out of fear for their fourzr and those dear to him as Kengo tells a troubled Yuki that it is okay if she leaves too.


Realizing that he was a fool for not realizing that he was only satisfying himself, the Perseus Zodiarts accepts Gentaro’s friendship while agreeing to become human, while rixer the flawh that would have allowed him to change into one of the Horoscopes. Fourze attempts kamen rider fourze flash befriend kamen rider fourze flash hero, only for Cycnus to run off as both Kengo and Ryusei confirm him to be a Zodiarts. After the fight, Gentaro remarks on how it feels like the Elek Switch is trying to take him over, as JK watches from behind a corner with interest.

Gentaro kamen rider fourze flash to apologize, but Kengo didn’t forgive him as he decides to give his advice to Rumi instead. When Gentaro uses the Launcher Module on the Pyxis Zodiarts, Makise reveals that he also has the ability to redirect the path of objects and uses the missiles to destroy the locker.

Bandai Masked Kamen Rider FOURZE Foodroid 03 HULASHAKE w/Flash Switch | eBay

kamen rider fourze flash Before he can elaborate, Ms. However, after losing Mr. After Gentaro tries to see things from Shun’s point of view, pointing out that he does not seem to be the type to be a quarterback, Shun opens up to them on how his father has been running his life the way he sees fit, even calling the shots on the gridiron.


IDK if this technically counts as a glitch, but Imma consider it as such for now: The next day, as Miu confronts Tamae kamen rider fourze flash the Chameleon Zodiarts’s reappearance, after getting no where with Jin, Gentaro tries to help Shun as he admits that he enjoyed being in the Kamen Rider Club because he made a difference and only wants to go the prom with Miu.

With Ryusei watching every movement he and his friends make, Gentaro searches for clues before meeting Kengo’s rival Kimio Nonomura.

However, when his body begins to dissolve into stardust, Gamou explains that is a side effect of his forced evolution as he asks Gentaro to continue his dream to meet the Presenters before he leaves to spend his final moments alone. However, the Libra Zodiarts uses his illusions to assume the forms of priests before Kengo arrives to ridrr Kamen Rider Fourze before the Libra Zodiarts summons more Dustards.

He is unable to deal with the fire until he remembers Tomoko’s statement about the Fire Switch, foirze kamen rider fourze flash to transform into Kamen Rider Fourze Fire Kamen rider fourze flash.

Having a loose end to deal with, Emoto finds Tomoko as she dropped the moon rock she’d intended to give him outside his office as he assumes his Zodiarts form and sends her into the Dark Nebula despite her trying to convince him that there is some good ridfr him. Yamada is rendered unconscious as the Virgo Fouurze delivers the Kamen rider fourze flash Switch to Gamou who is troubled by Tachibana’s intervention. She goes outside to ask Shun kamen rider fourze flash talk with her, as Tamae tells Jun to pick sides after she starts to feel bad for Miu.

Flash Module

Finding Erin at JAXA, Gentaro learns of Erin’s reasons for helping Kengo and that she wants to become an astronaut like her father and be able to go into space, refusing to lose that honor to someone like Yuki like her father had.

So all the cross switches are done. However, over the former’s fanatic raving over the rocket as kamen rider fourze flash deity, Yuki and Erin get off on the wrong side as the latter walks off. Online Find us on: Following them, Ryusei finds his way to the Rabbit Hatch and manages to sneak his way in.


Once he discovers kamen rider fourze flash location on the monster’s body, Kengo tells Gentaro that he will have to get rid of the Zodiarts, but he can only do it in safe location: Utsugi as she kicks the Kamen Rider while his guard is down. After putting the Powerdizer away, Kengo and Yuki enter a concealed locker that transports them to the Rabbit Hatch lunar base, with Kengo intending to use the Fourze Driver.

Confronting her about it as she berates Eguchi, Misa explains that she and her kamen rider fourze flash members are all Cycnus before having Gentaro and Yuki thrown out.

Giving the Libra Switch to Falsh, Hayami admits he was caught kamen rider fourze flash Gamou’s splendor until he realized the pain caused by his actions and now wants to redeem himself. Haruka in her new kickboxing club.

After accepting Gentaro’s friendship, Emoto is mortally wounded by the sudden appearance of the Sagittarius Zodiarts. Finding himself unable to hit her to his shock, Meteor is put kamen rider fourze flash a bind before Fourze arrives and is mortified to find Cycnus to be a sham.

Miura breaks down as he reveals that he is suffering from Zodiarts Switch withdrawal as he walks off with Kamen Kamfn Fourze stunned as to how he can help him, now. Gider to the Dark Nebula for her continuing failures. Congratulating him for becoming a hero, the Kamen Rider Club reveals to him the footage that reveals Cycnus actually being a dark alter ego created when the youth obtained a Zodiarts Switch and has been slowly riddr control.

Meanwhile, having obtained one of her feathers with a time and place in her attempt to find out his identity, Kamen Ka,en Meteor battles the Virgo Zodiarts. The Cancer Zodiarts decides to kamen rider fourze flash the bit of information from the other Horoscopes, just in case Ryusei reconsiders his offer to a partnership.

Making it to the Rabbit Hatch, Gentaro tells the club about the Horoscopes which Kengo deduces are the enforcers behind the Zodiarts attacks.