The last few lines of dmesg are: It does SB16 too. But these cards are not super easy to find. Many users rely on it when autoconfig fails. I play GM games all the time and rarely notice the hanging note bug with my CTs to be honest. I just put the Vortex 2 in and have the DB attached to that. Which leaves me with little to add.

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Why did you make so complicated scheme to take standard COAX signal? I also tried every other irq I could cmi88330 of, but I only succeeded in freezing my computer with irq Masta 14 Jul The last few lines of dmesg are: There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. I found Quake -sspeed sound a little better then default kHz.

VOGONS • View topic – SB16 vs DBs (hanging / stuck / wrong notes in MIDI)

You need to log in to change this bug’s status. I have an AWE64, and I like it. CM might be easier to find though it was the easiest for me to get, CML ware scarce when I was shopping Did the community ever come to a consensus on what the best host sound dmi8330 is for a MIDI daughterboard?


If you do not want to upgrade to Dapper, then you can also wait for the Dapper Flight 2 CD’s, which are due out within the next few days. Matt Zimmerman mdz wrote on Or you press certain buttons while booting the unit and displays the ROM version.

It turned out to be an ASL based card which was very easy to setup, has decent DOS software, and seemed to be make good on its claims in my limited testing.

Suchlike way lets us to have full operability.

cmi830 You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Carthik Sharma carthik wrote on I play GM games all the time and rarely notice the hanging note bug with my CTs to be honest. Despite that it was supposedly never licenced to anyone. See full activity log.

I will do a FM music comparision video soon though. How can I decide what other values to try in place of these default recommended ones? There are all or almost all Sound Blaster clones. Developers have to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Maybe also examine the alsa-base files and other relavant config files.

I know a very little bit about the internals of ALSA and Debian, so I don’t mind sifting through available system resources and manually modprobing things. The type of FM synthesis does not depend on the type of SB. It does SB16 too.

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Thanks for your continued help. Board index All times are UTC.

CMI8330 SB-16 Audio Drivers for NT 5.0 WS Beta 2

This was on my old Micron computer after I installed an SB16 in it. Cannot think of much else now, also no opportunity to have a look at my own retro system with CMI now. It sounds very similar otherwise but I found it strange that some notes played differently.

In past versions of Ubuntu, I have found that the “alsa-base” files of which there cmi88330 3 or 4 need to be heavily edited in order for the modprobe to work.

It is not possible to account for every combination of hardware. No clue on model number but I’ll find that out later. I am marking this bug Closed since there has been no response from you for over three months.