Pairing the Headset with a Bluetooth Device 7. Dopri ollunplug the Travel Charger from the electrical outlet by the cord. Administrator Source Exif Data [ exif. Keep the Headset away from children and avoid children chewing on the Headset or it’s components or accidentally swallowing any pieces. Charging the Headset 5. This may damage the Headset accidentally and void the manufacturer’s warranty.

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Use the wall plug to pull the charger from the electrical outlet. Dopri ollunplug the Travel Charger from the electrical outlet by the cord. To clean the Headset, wipe it with a soft, dry static-free cleaning cloth.

Connlect the Travel Charger with the appropriate power su. Be the first to Upload A Video of this product!

Chatting Bluetooth Headset (BTH)

We’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Like us on Facebook. Do not clean the Headset while charging. When the headset has connected with two mobile phones, ifit is used to bth-08 calls with any one ofthem, the headset will disconnect with the other one automatically temporarily, and reconnect after calls end.

Transfer a call from the mobile device to the headset.

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BTH EU Plug USB Bluetooth Headphones

The manufacturer’s recommended initial charging time is no less than 4 hours, preferably overnight 8—10hours. To decrease the volume, press the Decrease Volume Key. This is an estimated shipping fee, the actual shipping fee will be shown on the order page. After finished pairing with the second phone, turn offthe headset ,And then power on the first paired phone’s Bluetooth function and Then restart the headset ,then, the headset will connect to both the two paired phones automatically NOTE: To activate this function, your mobile device must support the Handsfree mode.

Microsoft Word – UserManual Creator: Using the Headset in normal room temperatures enables the battery to maximize its life.

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Sign in to Geekbuying. The battery is completed depleted or the Headset has not been used for 21 days, when charging the red Indicator Light will be lit after a few bth-08. Paring Firs ofall, please make sure your phones are Bluetooth enabled and them pair them with the Bluetooth headset following indications ofthe phones.

Be the first to Upload A Photo of this product! For more details, please check your mobile device’s manufacturer’s instructions for additional information.


This may damage the Headset accidentally and void the manufacturer’s warranty. Ifthe mobile device is ringing and your Headset is off, turn the Headset on first, then press the Function button to answer the call.

For initial use, the power will be on after charging the Headset at least 40 nth-068. Wearing the Headset According to your preference, adjust the headset on your left or right ear.

Stock bth0-68 may become invalid because of new orders and supply change.

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Under normal usage, the built in battery should be viable for up to 24 months or longer depending on usage. The Travel Charger is designed for indoor use and not to be used outdoors. When the call is complete, press the Function button to end the call.

Wearing the Headset 8. Package Contents List 3. Connect with FaceBook Connect with Google. GeekBuying reserves the right to change prices at btth-068 time without notice. To charge the unit: