Simply tilt the foot and push the button to set the foot. It has a maximum embroidery speed of stitches per minute with a maximum embroidery area of 10×6 inches. Excellent stabilizer for many different fabrics and embroidery projects such as shirts, nylon jackets, blouses, neckties, sheets, pillowcases, ribbons, and much more! Legal Disclaimers If free shipping is indicated above: Place embellishment choice under foot and into guide to stitch down to base fabric.

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Equipped with a mono LCD touchscreen control panel, it allows you to track the work easily. Show less Show more. Screws on to needle plate for accurate seam measurement while sewing. No more getting stuck at a rise or uneven stitches on the down side! Thread stand conveniently holds up to 10 spools of thread of varying sizes. I would totally recommend this product to a first time embroiderer or seamstress Verified purchase: This convenient, useful, multi-function tool is the perfect addition to your sewing room, and can be used on all of your Brother sewing, embroidery and combo machines and Brother embroidery frames.

Included are the following items: The seller included a lot of extras such as a PE-design unit, threads and stabilizers. This machine is amazing and does everything I could want it to do. When a rise is encountered, the foot automatically releases on it’s downward slope. The gathering foot will allow the sewer to gently ease or slightly gather fabric for various garment and home decorating applications.


Screw on clear plastic foot has markings for easy reference.

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The groove under the foot is slightly wider and flatter to form than the Picot Foot. Walking Feet are not for use in reverse or side to side sewing as well as some innovie stitches that include other than forward movement of the feed dogs.

Sew or embroider, and then remove by pulling the excess away from the stitches. SA Stabilizer Roll, medium-weight, tear away, 10 yds With multiple uses for both embroidery and decorative stitching, this tear-away stabilizer is one you will reach for again and again.

This foot attaches zippers and pipings easily. People who bought this also bought.

Thread locking system keeps loose ends in place when not in use. Unlike the clear film type product, this fibrous water-soluble is designed not to perforate from the needle penetration.

Brother Innovis 1500d Computerized Sewing Machine

Anticipate it will be fine. This water soluble stabilizer requires thorough rinsing in warm water for complete removal. Have a SE that loads the thread in a cartridge, since I have four cartridges, loading the threads goes a bit faster on the SE however. Best for help with: Horizontal opening for wide range of left to right needle positions and added sole pressure.


Innov-ís 1500D

You will find many uses for this stabilizer, including projects featuring decorative stitches on the sewing side of the machine. Brotjer Disclaimers If free shipping is indicated above: Perfect for projects that are either heavy or light weight, this stabilizer can be used on its own or as an added layer with cut-away type stabilizers.

Ideal not only for candlewicking stitches, but for other raised or 3-dimensional stitches, and for sewing with heavier cotton threads. This stabilizer is useful for projects that require a temporary stabilizer.

Dream up any creation and execute it on this extremely affordable machine. Once again Brother’s built a good machine.

SA Gathering Foot The Gathering Foot can be used for lightly gathering fabric as well as attaching the gathered edge to a flat ungathered fabric, at the same time quickly and easily. Sole of foot is grooved to assure brlther stitch formation within feed dog area.