Its also the measure least clearly stated by retailers — if they bother to state it at all. The Black and Decker, I mean Dewalt stuff is prohibitively more expensive when you buy the crafstman stuff on sale, which it pretty much always is. I have both the Bossch 12 and 18V drill drivers. Looking for a featured packed tool with highly innovated features built with solid craftsmanship? Q – Does it have a brushless motor?

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Its not real indication of how usefully powerful a drill driver will be and the range in power between makes and models of drill, all with ijpact same voltage, its really quite 1v.

If you’ve read all of the reviews impcat are still not sure which is best a cordless drill or an impact driver I will leave you with a few more “better than cordless drill” examples.

Top of the line 12V, lighter, but sacrificing a bit of power. When you’re working with all sorts of jobs that deal with nuts, screws, bolts and the constant need for power you will be needing the 18 volt porter cable 20v max at your side.

Its a toss up because the m12 is awesome and light.

Q – Does it have a brushless motor? When you’re on the job you need something built with time management as it’s main focal point along with quality work. We love the constant innovation and increased power coming out of the major tool manufacturers. The biggest difference is when you get bigger sizes, holes and cutting steel pipes for my trade.


81v comes with the ability get ijpact tight spaces and help alleviate fatigue during long periods of use.

12v vs 18v Impact drivers

Bust a nut, the V tools are necessary. You will have to purchase the battery separate unless of course you purchase the kit version that comes with the whole shebang.

I can see the value in a cordless grinder, but a cordless sander seems less useful. When most people go out shopping for a cordless impact driver, which by the way is a tool that is highly underrated, their first motives im;act just to get a supplementary tool to add with the others in their toolbox. Seems like something that doesn’t necessarily have to be cordless. Same with doing maintenance for an apartment building or something like that.

What I have found is the impact driver regularly mashes screwheads and bits could be my technique? Q – What is the peak torque for this model? Bosch 12v Impact Driver Questions Q – I’ve noticed that the bit moves a little back and forth is my driver damaged?


Do I Need Both? Lightweight, fast charger and bags of torque. By their very design they are loud. ByNo skills – Sun Apr 05, 5: I’ve been mulling over the same thing.


Mar 12 This desiring need od more power is converting many DIYer’s and professionals to want impact drivers and this need is growing increasingly popular each day. I have tools from Milwaukee’s M12 and M18 lines. Like the fence I put up and the gate I made to go with it.

12-Volt vs 18-Volt Tools: Do I Need Both?

The saw cuts like butter. Bottom line, it comes down to size vs. You’re getting brushless motors, which are also really hard to overexert with the redlink technology, and a 5 year warranty on the tools.

I have a A – You can use it on lug nuts providing they were loosed first with an impact wrench.

Think carefully about battery size and number, having two is more important than bigger batteries as the charge times are pretty good these days.

Bosch do a blue professional quality range and a green diy range, maybe that’s what you’re thinking of? Log in or sign up in seconds.